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   Life's too beautiful not to enjoy   
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Who are we

We are Francis & Elma, with our roots in Curacao and the Netherlands. It has been a dream of ours to run an intimate countryside bed and breakfast for some time now, and as of may 2024 we were able to make it happen. 

Through the name "Dushi vida" we are paying an homage to our beautiful "Dushi Korsou" and reminding every one of you to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Along with our daughters Fleur and Bo-Anne we will do everything in our power to make your stay with us unforgettable!

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small apartment 


1 bedroom fit for 2 people

Newly constructed apartment with a fully equipped kitchenette, bathroom, and porch. The apartment is air-conditioned and has a king-sized bed.

Price per night

Per night $75 with occupation of up to

2 adults.

Child under the age of 3 : free of charge 

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large apartment


2 bedroom fit for 4 people 


Newly constructed 2-bedroom apartment with a fully equipped kitchenette, bathroom, and porch. The apartment is air-conditioned and has king-sized beds.

Price per night

Per night $95 with occupation of up to

4 adults.

Child under the age of 3 : free of charge 

dushi vida logo.png



A daily breakfast is included in the room price

Free Wifi

We offer free WiFi in all apartments


Use of Netflix and YouTube in all apartments


We offer room cleaning twice a week


There is a very nice pool and jacuzzi  for a  refreshing  swim or just to relax

Free Parking

We have a guarded private parking space at the hotel

Airport service

For a reasonable fee we can pick you up or bring you to the international airport of  Curacao

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dushi vida logo.png


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Kenepa grandi

This beautiful beach is a favorite among both locals and tourists. It is the perfect beach for picture taking and relaxing. There are also food trucks where you can buy a delicious lunch.

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San Juan

San Juan is a collection of 4 beautiful deserted beaches, all of which you can visit in 1 day for a small entrance fee. Bring some drinks and enjoy both nature and quiet beaches.


Daaibooi is a beach known for its loggerhead turtle nests, and one of the island's premiere diving spots. Be sure to visit if you like snorkeling!

Cas Abou

Cas Abou is one of the few beaches on the west side of the island where there is a restaurant, daiquiri bar, and snorkel and kayak rentals. Be sure to visit and enjoy a beautiful day.

Playa lagun

A small, intimate bay that is perfect for swimming with small children, or diving and snorkeling. This beach is also very popular with local fishermen.

Playa Forti

This beach is known for its picturesque panoramic views of the west side of the island as well as the 10-meter cliff you can jump off of. wether you like to sunbathe in peace or take the jump, this beach is a must-see on our side of the island!

dushi vida logo.png


things to do
back2nature tour.jpeg

back2nature private jeep tour

Customizable jeep tours in which you can explore the island's north coast, blow holes, snorkeling spots, and private beaches. You can also go off-roading in beautiful nature areas. The tours are private, and include a stop at one of the local restaurants in the area or a homemade picnic.

blauwe kamer.jpeg

Blue room

At the Blue Room Cave, something magical happens between the sun and the water, transforming the underwater cave into a blue room. It is a special natural phenomenon. You can visit the Blue Room Cave by boat, with a canoe, or a beautiful hike. The best time to go to the Blue Cave Room is around noon, when the sun is at its sharpest.Once you arrive at the entrance of Blue Room Cave you can choose to jump in and see it. If the water is high you have to take a two-meter dive to enter the cave. Once there you will be overwhelmed by this special natural phenomenon.

hofi pastor.jpeg

Hofi pastor

Hofi Pastor is a small nature park of approximately 12 hectares. The park is managed by the organization Amigo di Terre (Friends of the Earth). The philosophy of this organization is that nature is given a lot of space. The original, neat orchard has become a fairytale forest. There is even a chance that a footpath is difficult to navigate due to overhanging lianas or fallen trees. That makes it all the more fun!  You can see the most beautiful birds darting away, butterflies flying everywhere and with a bit of luck you will see large iguanas, wild donkeys or colorful but harmless snakes. You can explore the park on foot with or without a guide. 



This country house, restored in 1996, is located almost opposite Landhuis Ascension on the road to Westpunt. Plantation Dokterstuin was already in use in the 17th century. The country house probably dates from the 18th century. In the second half of the 19th century it was owned by the government, which leased small parts of the land to former slaves. In this way the government hoped to stimulate agriculture. Now there is a local restaurant, known as one of the best.

museo tula.jpeg

Tula museum 

Discover the historical journey of Tula. Protesting the injustice suffered by slaves, he sought freedom and equality by leading a revolt on August 17, 1795. Tula confronted owner of Landhuis Knip, Casper Lodewijk van Uytrecht to plead for their freedom, which marked the onset of the largest slave uprising in the history of the Dutch Antilles. Explore Museo Tula’s innovative concept, a Museum Without Walls. Immerse yourself in history as exhibits seamlessly integrate with the landscape, offering a dynamic, boundary-defying encounter with Tula’s rich heritage. Join us in this unique exploration of resilience and triumph.


Boka Patrick

Between the town of Barber and the eastern coast of Curaçao lies a swath of land known as Patrick, named after a plantation house which used to sit roughly in its center. Rugged, isolated and mostly flat, this is a popular area for hiking. Boka Patrick is a large inlet with a wide, sandy beach. We suggest visiting Boka Patrick for its extreme natural beauty and solitude; it’s amazing that such a place is completely off-the-radar for both tourists and most locals.

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